The Fight Goes On!

This past week saw the Board of Selectmen, the Lexington Police Department, and Lexington Town Counsel all unanimously oppose Article 34.  To be sure, it was a good week by any measure.

Nonetheless it is crucially important that we keep up the fight, and that we keep our foot on the gas until we can finish this once and for all on April 6.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reception Rotberg received on Tuesday night, he has signaled, in another lengthy screed on the LexTMM forums, that he intends to soldier on with this ill-advised measure.  He is soliciting buy-in from other Town Meeting Members, and, in some cases, receiving it.

From the small sampling of opinions on the LexTMM forums, it is difficult to determine exactly how much support Rotberg has.  You can be sure, however, that so long as he believes he has a chance, he will persevere.

The fight is far from over.  It is more important than ever to let your Town Meeting members know where you stand, and to be present for the Town Meeting on April 6.

(Note:  Per Police Chief Corr, no firearms will be allowed on April 6, and attendees will be screened accordingly.  Please come unarmed.)

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