Setting the Record Straight Re: the NRA

When I listen to the pro-34 people in town, including handful on the LexTMMA forums, it is clear that a number of folks are indulging in the fantasy that they are engaged in a pitched battle against the Goliath of the gun lobby, the NRA, and all of the financial and political might it represents.

The NRA is always a convenient bogeyman for anti-gun types, but as someone who has been integrally involved with the opposition to Article 34 from Day One, I would like to set the record straight about a few things.

For starters, the sum total of financial assistance that our organization has received from the NRA is exactly zero.  The sum total of material support we have received from the NRA is zero.  None of the founding members of LexForLiberty have been in contact with the organization regarding this issue, or vice versa.

The closest the NRA has come to involvement in this local matter was in publishing this story in a magazine that is circulated only among a subset of active NRA members.  The facts in the piece were compiled from other media accounts rather than from primary sources, and it was good for a chuckle, but that’s about it.

So while I’m sure it’s gratifying to envision oneself as struggling heroically against the titans of the gun lobby, that’s not who you’re really fighting. In reality, you are fighting your friends and neighbors, the law-abiding gun owners of Lexington, who are already among the most vetted and scrutinized in the nation.

And it’s not just gun owners.  There are members of our organization who have never owned a gun in their lives (I spoke with one yesterday, while delivering a yard sign.)  They are merely concerned citizens who are opposed to the further infringement of our constitutional liberties.

You’re fighting the guy whose kid plays soccer with yours.  You’re fighting with your neighbor from down the street, although you probably don’t even know it. Our group includes doctors, lawyers, dentists, attorneys, businessmen, bankers, mechanics, and members of our armed services, both past and present. We are a highly diverse lot, in terms of background, ethnicity and political ideology.  Some of us have almost nothing in common at all, except for a love of this town and a desire to defend our Second Amendment rights — and, of course, the fact that we are not rich and powerful lobbyists.

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