Deaths in Lexington due to opioids, 2012 – 2014:  Three.

Deaths in Lexington from guns, 2012 – 2014:  Zero.

Guess which one we’re spending all of our time and energy on?

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  1. The letter to the Editor from supporters of Liberty appears in this weeks Colonial Times (
    Visitors to this site should make note that the Article 34 proponent engages in deliberate exaggeration. Using emotional terms to persuade readers to his point of view. Examples include : ” save the lives of babies and families”,” mass killing”, “massacres”, “carnage”, “killing large numbers of children”, “spray bullets rapid fire in the Town”, “weapons of mass destruction”, and “traffickers in gun propaganda”.

    I too would like to “save the lives of babies and families” by allowing every adult to choose how best to protect themselves and their loved ones, under the gun laws that currently exist.

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