Important Information on April 6 Town Meeting

To all those who are planning to use their 1st Amendment Rights to protect their Second, please be aware of the following:

At the Town Meeting on April 6.

1) The Chief of Police has asked for no concealed or open carry, regardless of license , and will not admit anyone who is.  They will use metal detectors and bag checks.  Please avoid incident and respect the Chiefs’ authority, even if you disagree with it.
2) People should dress as you would for a traditional business meeting.  Range attire and/or clothing with political/firearm themed messages will not help articulate the arguments against the Resolution.
3) If you speak, don’t use accusatory or intimidating language.  Stick to the facts.  You will have a better chance of speaking if you “pre-register” with Moderator Brown before the meeting, who will call on you (see below).
4) Clapping and cheering and otherwise being overly vocal will work against the effort, whereas calm, quiet presence, acknowledged by those who speak, will be much more effective than loud obnoxiousness.

Our main focus is defeating Article 34 at the Town Meeting on April 6.  However, mark your calendars and stay tuned for details of a “Protest Town Meeting Passage of Article 34” rally planned for Apr. 9 should that be necessary.

Enclosed:  Note on logistics/process from Moderator Brown (

Helpful information as you prepare for April 6:

* Public safety:  The Lexington Police Chief has requested that no weapons be brought to the meeting.  He and his staff will provide screening (metal detectors and bag check) at the entrance, so please leave all bags in in your vehicle to help speed up this process.

* We meet in Battin Hall in Cary Memorial Building (next to the police station on Mass Ave).  The seating on the main floor is reserved for our 189 elected Town Meeting members.  There is a seating in the balcony for residents and other visitors who are not elected Town Meeting members.  There will be public microphones there for your use.

* Only Town Meeting members may offer a motion, ask a question, or vote on a motion.  However, you may, when recognized by the Moderator, present your remarks for or against the motion under discussion.

* In addition to the public microphones in the balcony, you will notice we have three microphones on the main floor for the exclusive use of Town Meeting members.  These are the YES, NO, and QUESTION microphones.  During debate, I will alternate among all four (including public) so we can hear a variety of viewpoints and so members can have a chance to ask questions.  If there is a long line at the question microphone, I may visit that microphone twice in my rotation.

* Once I recognize you, please speak directly into the microphone and first give your name and address.  You may then proceed with your remarks.

* You will have the same 3-minute time limit for your remarks as Town Meeting members at the YES or NO microphone.  Please practice accordingly!

* We do not allow any demonstrations of approval or disapproval – cheers, clapping, etc.  It takes too much time and I want as many people as possible to get a chance to speak.

* Town Meeting members may, after a period of time, decide that they’ve heard enough debate and “call the question.”  If a member makes this motion, we will immediately take a vote to see if the majority of members agree that they’ve heard enough debate and are ready to vote on the main motion.  Sometimes when this occurs, there are still Town Meeting members or other visitors standing in line to speak.  Please don’t take it personally if this happens.  This sometimes occurs when debate has gone on for some time and speakers start to repeat the same arguments that have already been expressed.

UPDATE:  Meeting time is 7:30 PM, although you might wish to arrive a bit early due to screening, etc.


7 responses to “Important Information on April 6 Town Meeting

  1. Dave Crimmings

    I would bet anything Rotberg is getting money from Rebbica Peters who is George Soros hand puppet. Also Bloombergs everytown group.

    • Captain Parker

      I’ve heard this alleged, or at least suspected, but I have to say, I see no evidence of it. If Article 34 is receiving outside funding, where is the money going? I’ve seen no signs, no bumper stickers, no paid TV or radio spots… and considering how poorly constructed the original resolution was, and how easily it was swatted down by town counsel, I think it’s a safe bet the money isn’t going to legal fees. 🙂

  2. Allan Van Wert

    Where is this meeting? Where in Lexington? I’d like to speak. My great Uncle is Jonas Parker of 1775!
    Maybe I speak a little bit about the history?

    • Captain Parker

      The meeting will be at Battin Hall in the Cary Memorial Building, at 1605 Massachusetts Avenue between the Town Office Building and the Police Station. There should be opportunity for public comments.

  3. Does anyone know of any live streaming of this meeting for article 34 I can’t make it but would like to watch online ???????

  4. Here’s a playlist of my videos from the Selectmen’s hearing on 3/8/2016, and the Town Committee meeting on 4/6/2016

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