Bad Gun Control Ideas

Did you ever notice how nearly every new call for “gun safety” ends up circling back to the same handful of tired, dog-eared proposals, most of which have been tried in the balance and found wanting, time and time again?

If our town is serious about engaging in a dialog on gun violence, let’s hope we can rise to the occasion and actually think outside of the box rather than falling back to the same old busted ideas that have been failing us for decades –ones that needlessly burden law-abiding gun owners while doing little or nothing to prevent violence.

Specifically, here are five proposals we would do well to avoid. The whole thing is worth a read, but here’s what they say about “assault weapon” bans:

“Assault Weapons” Ban — Democrats pushed through a federal assaults weapons ban under Bill Clinton that lasted from 1994 to 2004. The impact of the ban was negligible at best, and some studies — like that contained in Applied Economic Letters — show an significant increase in gun-related murder rates while the “assault weapons” ban was in place. For example, the study in the November 2013 issue of Applied Economic Letters showed the gun-related “murder rates were 19.3 percent higher when the Federal [‘assault weapons’] ban (AWB) was in effect.” We currently see this same truism playing out at the city level — in places like Chicago — where an “assault weapons” ban is simply correlating with a higher rate of shootings and murder, rather than a reduced rate of either.

2 responses to “Bad Gun Control Ideas

  1. For me the only thing to the govt can do to really curve the gun violence here is to make the acquisition of these guns to be really strict and tax the guns to death so that no one can buy it.

  2. That worked extremely well in France, Miriam. Prevented a massacre at the Bataclan. Oh, wait . . .

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