Voting Results

The official vote tally from last night’s town meeting has been published, and is available here.

2 responses to “Voting Results

  1. The column on the left is the first vote to “call the question.” The column on the right is the actual vote on the motion. I plan on taking this to the voting booth with me for the next 3 years (TMM’s serve 3 year terms) as a guide who to vote for and against.

    • As someone who signed up almost a week and a half before the meeting to speak and who was denied that opportunity, it’s the ones who voted to squash any additional public input that are really on my list. Everyone was patting themselves on the back about the wonderful unbiased open discussion they were having, and then as soon as the TMM’s had their say (mostly for the Article), they “called the question” despite knowing there were at least ten members of the public still waiting to speak. If that is how they plan on running the “discussion” in the future, they can count me out.

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