Congratulations to our Friends in Longmeadow!

So proud of friends in Longmeadow. Well done!

This week, Henry Lanouette a member of made an appearance on popular national radio program Cam & Company, to discuss his efforts, going from a non-activist to a Second Amendment activist when proposals were filed on his town warrant which would have destroyed the Second Amendment rights of all Longmeadow residents.

Click here to watch video/listen.

A letter from Our founding member Walt Lamon
Alex Grant stated “I heard nothing constructive” “What we heard was an absolutist ­defense of the 2nd Amendment.”
Let me tell you what I heard.
I heard our citizens saying “Alex, listen when we tell you”
  • You are WRONG to discredit the results of a town vote because it does not fit your narrative.
  • You are WRONG when you say the act of me lawfully carrying a gun to protect my family increases gun violence.
  • You are WRONG when you misrepresent Massachusetts Law for firearms registration.
  • You are WRONG when you cherry pick language in dissenting opinions in cases to misrepresent how the Supreme Court has ruled on the 2nd amendment.
  • You are WRONG when you depict a military battle rifle as a civilian AR 15.
  • You are WRONG when, contrary to government policy, you give notoriety by publicly naming mass murderers.
In the public forum of a town meeting you are not just a citizen. You are a member of the town select board, a member of the Massachusetts Bar, an officer of the court, and an employee of the US Department of Justice. You choose to claim only one role in your petitions but you are WRONG .
If you would like to be collaborative as you say then do your best to maintain decorum.
Walt Lamon

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