What do the terms arms, well regulated, and militia mean in the Second Amendment?

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The Second Amendment reads:

A  well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state,  the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Everything before the comma is an explanation for everything after the comma: “A well regulated militia” is not a legal requirement on its own, but the justification for ensuring that the people are armed. This is simple grammar, and frankly, if the issue weren’t so politicized, obvious.


5 responses to “What do the terms arms, well regulated, and militia mean in the Second Amendment?

  1. Mr. Rotberg by now has seen the error of his ways regarding
    his unconstitutional proposal I would hope, and his wasting
    $18k of taxpayers money, and pay up, out of his pocket the
    Bill for his moon-battery this past April. It would be the
    Gentlemen thing to do. 😎

  2. I was shocked about the total amount of $ Mr. Rotberg wracked up after reading the post around 2:30am last night. You are quite correct the cost is over $18k, and my early morning math total in my post was representing the Shock I feel…and not an accountants skill to total out the total cost to Lexington that early in the morning.

    Even more is Rotbergs BFG “DooM” gun he wants Banned. OMG!
    He has completely exposed himself as a foolish uniformed man about
    2A issues.

    I would like to invite Mr. Rotberg as my quest to shoot at the Harvard Sportsmens Club some rifles I own to experience for himself what he obviously is Clueless about when it comes to legal firearm ownership.
    I’ll provide sound dampening ear muffs, and protective eyewear, and as
    an incentive a large Dunkin Dounuts ice coffee.

    My fear is that Rotberg is like Gersh Kuntzman. Google him, a pathetic example of a man who is less brave then most 7 year old girls.

    That’s it, BLUE LIVES MATTER

  3. If you can get RR to the range, let me know. I had a similar idea. I was going to invite him to bring along the sharpshooter of his choice, and have him demonstrate that it is indeed possible to fire 900 rounds per minute through an AR-15, as his fact sheet claimed. If he can do that, I will personally write a $1,000 check to Mr. Rotberg or the anti-gun group of his choice.

  4. 900 rounds per minute on my MA legal AR would equate to 15 trigger pulls per second…even Jerry Miculek would have trouble with that rate of fire…
    Rotberg’s fact sheet is so Bogus! How can educated Lexingtonians even consider his fact sheet legit? Moon Battery is strong with RR and full of deception…shameful.
    At least we are keeping up the discussion Capt. 🙂

  5. When questioned at Town Meeting about that preposterous rate of fire claim, he basically stuttered and admitted he didn’t know. Video is available below if you want to watch. You may want to have a bucket handy.


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