Gun-Control Activists Need a History Lesson

New York Times Op-Ed Against “No Buy” Lists

Eloquently  agrees it is unconstitutional.

“Watch lists are designed to circumvent the protections of due process and the separation of powers. They subvert a principle of our free society: Our rights aren’t held on loan until a government official labels us suspect, at which point they are easily stripped away; our rights are ours unless and until a court concludes that we have violated the law.”

Our Rights


What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban?

Prohibitions have a long history of stumbling over people’s unwillingness to obey. This time won’t be any different.

The ACLU Agrees With us on No Fly List!

ACLU. . . and they’re progressive credentials are unassailable. They are hardly “tools of the NRA.”

Full Story:

A Comprehensive Analysis of our Due Process Protections Under the Constitution

Due Process!/amendments/14/essays/170/due-process-clause

Slate Article Underscores the Need to get Facts Straight

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“conflating automatic and semi-automatic weapons, assault rifle and assault weapon, caliber and gauge—all demonstrating a general lack of familiarity with firearms.”

The author wasn’t talking about Article 34, but she might has well have been.

If You Don’t Believe the 2nd Amendment Should Apply to Modern Firearms, Then This Would Also be True . . .

Freedom of the Press

Massachusetts Cops on Why You Should Own an AR-15

Interesting Article From a Few Years Ago. Still Relevant Today.

Massachusetts Cops on Why You Should Own an AR-15

LexforLiberty Members Discuss the Article 34 Battle with GOAL’s Mike Sweeney

The Primer – The exclusive Second Amendment podcast of Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL)

Jun 9, 2016

Lexington voices.

In episodes 8 and 9 we will hear from Lexington residents whose rights came under attack via an article filed on the town meeting warrant.